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NEHA Food Safety Training


One objective of NEHA is to improve the quality of food safety training in the U.S. by establishing a nationwide network of certified food safety trainers and by providing accurate and effective learning materials to trainers, managers, and employees in the food service industry.

In supporting our mission, "to advance the environmental health and protection professional for the purpose of providing a healthful environment for all," NEHA continually reviews existing educational resources and explores new training opportunities for all environmental health professionals.




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Foodborne Illness Response Guidelines for Food Establishments

Improving Food Recall Efforts

NEHA is pleased to share this collaborative tool that was created by retail industry food establishments and regulators. Save this template for use at your location!


Coming Soon! I-FIIT-RR Online Workshop

This training helps improve foodborne disease outbreak response by identifying industry and regulatory roles and responsibilities during a foodborne disease incident. Learn more about hosting an I-FIIT-RR workshop here.